WANTED: Info on Outer Banks

WANTED: Info on Outer Banks

Post by John S Gummer » Fri, 25 Feb 1994 00:54:00

   I'm planning an August vacation to the Outer Banks and have been
swamped with information.  But, what I haven't received are opinions from
other windsurfers.  If anyone has gone there I'd like to hear about any
places you stayed at that you liked (whether it's camping or cottages),
what type of wind can I expect in August, and just anything else that
you thought was good or bad.  I'll be taking my family (wife & child) and
another couple will be with us (husband & wife & child).  The wives don't
windsurf (pity) so if you know of other things to do there please tell.
(Like there is any other thing that matters besides windsurfing).
Thanks in advance.  Hope to hear from you !!



WANTED: Info on Outer Banks

Post by John Caulfie » Fri, 25 Feb 1994 04:25:58

  July and August ofter bring high humidity and low winds to Hatteras.  Although I am not a meteorologist, I believe that this is due to the lower thermal gradient that exists in the late summer between the gulf stream and land.  You will be lucky to get
adequate winds in August one out of three days.  If you go during that time bring the
largest slalom board you have with 6.0-7.5 sails and a good book.
However, last year I recall one day with > 20 kts wind in July or August.  If this
is unsatisfactory, I would suggest going down between now and Memorial Day.  If you do
you will undoubtably enjoy several days of steady 20-30 knot winds with your choice of
chop or fla***er.  Enjoy.



WANTED: Info on Outer Banks

Post by Gerry.Gedd » Sat, 26 Feb 1994 02:18:04



My friends and I have been making surfari trips to Hatteras once or
twice a year for the last 10 years. I have accumulated a lot of
windsurfing and no-wind-day related info. that may be of use to you.

Briefly, spring and fall are best known for planing winds but I have
heard of the odd front providing lots of fun in mid-summer also!
Cottage rentals are at their highest in summer and harder to get as
this is considered "prime time". Similarly, the campgrounds are also
at their busiest then too. On the positive side, there is plenty to do
even if you are not sailing and the natural beauty of the area is

Please email me direct for more specific details if you wish.

gerry :-)


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