Aruba Gear Rental

Aruba Gear Rental

Post by The Sterm » Fri, 26 Aug 1994 09:54:01

I'll be in Aruba 9/25 - 10/1. I'm an intermediate level sailor.

Where should I sail on Aruba and where should I rent my gear ??




Aruba Gear Rental

Post by Windsurf » Sat, 27 Aug 1994 04:15:06

WHERE do I rent in Aruba?
      I rented from Vela. They have excellent equipment (Niel Pryde,
Mistral) and lots of it, but are located down the beach from Fisherman's
Huts and it can be hard to get out of there. They promised they were
moving. If they have, I would do it with them. There is also a truck that
pulls in every day at the beach with F2 and North sails. I don't know
their name, but the come every year (they speak German).