Spinout and fins

Spinout and fins

Post by Wolfgang Soerg » Sat, 16 Mar 1996 04:00:00

To add a bit to the fin - spin out thread from own experience (as well as
as magazin reviews):

+ Generally : get a "good" fin, that is one that is right for your board, rig,    
  conditions, sailing abilities and habits. Mostly but not always this will
  be a "brand" fin.

+ Swept fins are more forgiving and allow for easy recovery whereas straight ones
  have a better performance potential and go w/o much warning once they are over
  the limit.

+ You normally want to have a fin wich is stiff to sideways flex but has no high
  resistance against twist along its axis. It's the twist wich helps you avoid
  spin outs, not the flex. A hard engineering problem and probabely a reason
  for the "big brand" makes to work better (often, not always) as they can put more
  into research.

+ learn to feel and distinguish between "Overpowered - fin too big" and "normal power
 - fin too small - too much sideways preassure" spin outs. Go out one day
  and try out different fins, maybe together with a variety of mastfoot positions
  on the same sail / board to get a feel for the trim of you equipment. Some trim
  know-how can save you a lot of $$$ in equipment and give you a lot more fun !

Hang loose

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