Was - Re: Wanted: Bic Samba Board - Now: Transition boards

Was - Re: Wanted: Bic Samba Board - Now: Transition boards

Post by Mark Kernod » Wed, 15 Aug 1990 04:16:33


>>>often!).  I don't see the use of a board that's too long to be a
>>>shortboard, but isn't fast in light air like a raceboard.

>>I wholeheartedly agree with this statement.  Unless you live in an area where
>>the average sail size is 7.0 or larger, or you are an absolute beginner and
>>need a board to learn on, I don't see any reason to own a board between
>>a course board (12'-3"-12'-6") and a light wind slalom board (9'-3"-9'-5").

>    I think you're missing a major point here, transition boards
>don't do anything the "best" , but they do everything fairly well.

>-Booker C. Bense

        Here here!  I own an '88 Fanatic Bat (10'8" 160L) as well as a 9'4"
    Ocean Image glass slalom board (105L).  There are only 3 or 4 days a year
    here in Central NC where when conditions here allow me to use the
    slalom board, while the Bat is fun and competitive in conditions from
    10 to 30mph.  A well made transition board let's you practice
    those rad jibs with your 7.0 sail in 15mph breeze.  Now at Cape
    Hatteras, the Bat sees very little action :->.