Neil Pryde UltraLight - anybody tried one yet?

Neil Pryde UltraLight - anybody tried one yet?

Post by Carl Edga » Wed, 18 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I'm thinking about getting a biggish early planing sail for my Mistral
Explosion II. The NP Ultralight is a new model (7.9m only)and seems
relatively inexpensive, in the UK anyway. I don't want to blow a whole lot
of cash on this - other sails I'm considering are twin cams (Gasstra 2X,
etc..) or maybe a new camless sail (in this size?)

Does anyone have experience with the Ultralight. How many battens/cams does
it have?

Carl Edgar
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Neil Pryde UltraLight - anybody tried one yet?

Post by Charles Lategan » Wed, 18 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I had the chance to sail the new Ultralight NP 7.9 last
September.  My current large sail is a 1992 NP WC Mk II 7.0, a
seven cam race sail.  My impression is that the Ultra light is
well built, and should last a few seasons.  It's takes a bit of
time to get used to a camless sail that size, but overall the
handling was very nice.  I sailed it in the ocean in an off-shore
6-8 mph winds and no surf.  The board was a Xantos 295.  Heading
out was easy, getting back to shore was difficult, as while the
sail is very pumpable, it's very touching heading near dead into
the wind since it backwinds so easily.  I did have fun with it.  
I don't think you would regret owning the sail, unless you're
expecting the power and ease of a fully cammed sail.


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