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Hansen Aerosports

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Best regards to you all,
- Bill Hansen
Bill Hansen
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Hansen Aerosports

Post by barryxw.. » Sun, 19 Feb 2006 02:24:36

In case my post to the Windwing Forum gets 'editted,' thought I'd also
post here.



I toast you Bill.
For you intelligent designs thru the years -- those cordura luffed
sails with sleeve cams, cambered sails with probably the most elegantly
simple [T] cam of all times, to your latest double luff race sails.
I stress the word intelligent, in contrast to innovation for the sake
of fashion, because I remember the fashion trend started by the massive
heads and cutaway leeches in ART sails. Everyone had a cutaway leach
sail - even Windwing had a B&J/Wave sails with a tiny bit of fat head.
But I'm sure you knew there was a lot more to that trend that just
designing a copycat hinge point in the leech.
Thanks for coming up with what was the original convertible / do-it-all
sail. Thanks for maintaining a simple line of sails, instead of
creating unneeded sail models in hopes of confusing the customer. Does
anyone really need four-five-six models of wave sails?
Thanks for doing your best to maintain sail production in the US, until
forced to go offshore as a means to remain in business. You held out
longer than any other US manufacturer.
And until recently, thanks for supporting the local windsurfing
community and industry. I sorely miss those Windwing Block Parties and
sponsored events. Thanks for associating yourself with good folks like
Amy, Bob, Bart, et al.
A toast to what is WAS,

Barry Ritchey
alias, The Fla***er Geek from New Mexico -- 'NM-0'