Sufers against Sewage - Info wanted

Sufers against Sewage - Info wanted

Post by B.W. Morr » Tue, 21 Mar 1995 18:18:24

Anyone see Casualty on BBC1 on saturday night - Brilliant!
If only they could have put the address of S.A.S. on the screen afterwards,
as my membership has lapsed and I can't find the address anywhere at home - so
could someone please post the address and subscription costs - I am a student
so pay a cheaper rate I think?

  I went to a party, I danced all night
  I drunk 16 beers and started up a fight.
  But now I'm jaded, you're out of luck,
  I'm rolling down the stairs, too drunk to ***.



Sufers against Sewage - Info wanted

Post by Dave Cheesem » Wed, 22 Mar 1995 01:26:50

Surfers Against Sewage
The Old Counthouse Warehouse
Wheal Kitty
Tel: 01872 553001
Fax: 01872 552615

Full annual membership including sticker and newsletters
  Single Membership                                           7.50 GB pounds
  OAP/unwaged/students/under 18 years                         4.50
  Family membership                                          15.00

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Dave Cheeseman,                     Tel:   +44 1908 234990 x200
VMARK Software Ltd.,                Fax:   +44 1908 234992

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