Lago Arenal, Costa Rica

Lago Arenal, Costa Rica

Post by Daniel S McGeh » Wed, 01 Apr 1992 00:34:05

Hi folks,  
     For those of you who haven't heard, or those who've heard but
haven't seen, I just returned from a trip to Costa Rica.  The
country is nothing less than amazing.  The ecological and
environmental diversity for such a small country is very
impressive.  The people are friendly and helpful, even to dumb
gringos who don't speak spanish.  There are beautiful beaches and
awe-inspiring volcanoes, lush tropical rainforests and arid plains.
     But that's not what I wanted to tell you about.  On my last
day there I stumbled upon Lake Arenal in the western highlands of
the country.  I had heard that people went there for windsurfing
but, but, but...let's just say I was impressed.  From December
through April every year the winds blow somewhere between 20 and 70
all the time.  "Say no to 5.0" is a way of life for the people who
are sailing there.  I've never been to the Gorge, and the
*smallest* sail I own in a 5.0, so I am not the best spokesperson
for the place.  But it is damn nice.  
     Our rental car broke down on the road near Rock River Lodge
(this was *not* planned, rather, fortuitous).  Norman List is the
boardhead/proprietor and he helped me get the car repaired, leaving
most of the day for trying out the sailing.  Tico Wind rentals has
an incredible array of equipment and it is managed by Peter Hopley,
also a very nice helpful guy.  I got to show off several of my
best ever face-plants and have vowed to return as soon as I
possibly can.
     So, you too can experience Lago Arenal and it's amazing
attributes (my advice is that you go there first and take a day off to see
the sights when your forearms can't take it anymore).
Call, write, or Fax:
               Costa Rica Trails or the Rock River Lodge
               PO Box 2907-1000
               San Jose, Costa Rica
               Tel:(506) 22-4547
               fax:(506) 21-3011 don't forget int'l prefix, I did.

               Equipment Rental:
               Peter Hopley
               Tico Wind
               PO Box 75
               Tillaran, Guanacaste
               Costa Rica

               International World Travel
               818-405-9933 ask for Tina
               (I think this # is in Miami, FL)

Or feel free to Email me if you want more details....

Dan McGehee
Columbia University