New Zealand - windsurfing exchange student wants home for '97

New Zealand - windsurfing exchange student wants home for '97

Post by Bruce Speddi » Sat, 30 Nov 1996 04:00:00

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Subject:          Exchangestudent!

Stockholm 1996 11 27

Dear Sirs,

My name is Pontus Hagman and I am from Sweden. I am going to New
Zealand in January where I will spend a year as an exchange
student. I travel through the organisation YFU, Youth for
understanding. They are looking for a family for me to stay
with, but have not found any yet, maybe because of me special
interest in water sports (I am windsurfing and sailing the
E-dinghy here in Sweden). I am also interested in computing and
surfing on the net, and when I found the link to you here I
started to think - Why not ask if you know any family that will
host a seven*** year old boy from Sweden for one year.
   I phoned the YFU organisation here in Sweden to ask if it was
possible to try through the net. They thought it was a good
   There are no special require for being a host family. As a
family you do not get any money for having an exchange student.
You do not need to have a big house, good economy and two
parents in the house. I am very pleased to be a family member of
an ordinary family. I will go to school and live as anybody else
of my age in your country. (The organisation will arrange
everything with schools and other details about the trip.)
   For me it would be the greatest experience of my lifetime and
unforgettable opportunity to live as a member in your, or any
other family you know that are willing to "adopt" me for a year.
And I hope it can give you something in return.

Yours sincerely,

Pontus Hagman  

PS. I would be very pleased if you could put this letter on your
local billboard. If you want to know more about me and
"adopting" an exchange student please contact:

YFU-New Zealand
5/18 Moorefield Road
Tel: (64-4) 477-1306
Fax: (64-4) 478-1908

National chairperson: Mrs Elisabeth Russell, Tel: (64-3)
525-8319 National director: Mr. James Austin, Tel: (64-4)

Bruce Spedding,

56 Pembroke Road, Northland, Wellington, New Zealand.
Ph 64+4+475-9236 Fax 64+4+475-6135