Advice Wanted on UP/Bic Sport Sails

Advice Wanted on UP/Bic Sport Sails

Post by Tony Philli » Fri, 17 Dec 1993 17:40:47

I'm in the market to purchase some sails and have found a deal on some
used and new (1992 holdover) UP/Bic Sport sails.  I was wondering if anyone
out there has any opinions or comments on these sails that they could
share with me.

The sail specifics are:

1992 World Cup Slalom 4.5 and 5.5 (used),
1992 Wave Slalom 4.5 (new, holdover).

As a matter of reference, I am an intermediate/advanced sailor (jumps, duck
jibes, etc. - no flips yet!) and do most of my sailing on the San Francisco
Bay.  I've been sailing short boards (< 9') for two years and currently sail
a Tiga 260.  Up until now, I've only sailed 1990-1993 Windwing Convertibles.

Can anyone give me a comparison between these sails and the Windwings or just
some general thoughts?

Tony Phillips


Advice Wanted on UP/Bic Sport Sails

Post by John Caulfie » Sat, 18 Dec 1993 01:58:15

        I just recently rented a Bic board with World Cup Series sails while I was
on a sailboat cruise in the *** Islands.  While I found the board to be a little
heavier than I would expect a say F-2 of the same displacement to be, I thought the
Bic UP 6.5 WC sail was terrible.  The main thing for me was it was so heavy compared
to my 2 year old North Infinity 6.4.  It felt like somebody poured concrete down the
mast!!!!  And not that the older North series are considered light; I actually was
thinking about getting rid of my Infinity because the new Norths are somewhat lighter.
I brought down a 5.0 North Idra (lower end sail w/1 camber) and that sail was felt like
so much helium (as it should compared to the 6.5) in > 20 kts breeze.  
        Another complaint is that the dual cambers have a basic design flaw in that
they don't distribute enough of the torsional load along the luff side of the battens.
They also can easily pop out when rigging.
        My advice; stay away from UP and if you think it such a bargain rent a sail
for a day and try it out.  My opinion is stick with Neil Pryde, Waddell, and my
favorite North.
                                My 3 knots worth,