I'm home again!!

I'm home again!!

Post by felix.cabr » Sun, 21 Mar 1993 04:29:25

I've been away for about four weeks while changing jobs. Man, was I
suffering from serious withdrawal :-) Not only that, I have'nt sailed
for about three weeks.

When I finally got back to rec.windsurfing I was like a 300 lb guy
locked in a bakery. I found over 150 articles to read! Things have been
busy 'round here eh?

Anyway, I've a few words to post before I get back to settling into my
new job.

I want to warn potential fanatic shoppers about the new mega ray. Thats
the new ultra light slalom board (280) from fanatic. I picked up a new
one a few weeks ago and returned it for another new one. I had a leak problem
with the seams. The board sucks in water at certain spots along the seam.
I noticed it after sailing it one cold day. I brought the board into the
house and saw the water bubbling out in spots along the seam. It turns out
quite a few of the new boards are doing this. I got a new one and sealed the
seams with some epoxy resin. Besides that, the board is excellent. Mine
weighed in at 14.7 lbs before the footraps were put on.  

No, I didn't give up on BIC. I'm still riding for them but I got a great deal
fanatic. I will be using fanatic for racing and BIC for the fun stuff.

I'll be in Nags Head 3/31-4/4 if anyone one else is going let me know. I'm
renting two houses on the sound. There will be a dozen or so sailors
hopefully ripping up the sound that weekend. Visitors welcomed.

Ned, whats cooking? We've had great wind but I'll stay home until the temps
go above 30 F. I hate sailing with sleet hitting my face :-)


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