60 miles along UK South Coast & GPS track.

60 miles along UK South Coast & GPS track.

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Have not posted on here for ages, but thought some of you might like this.

I wrote this yesterday for the Boards Forum; background is that I do (on
land) quite a few endurance events and other similar stupid activities such
ski touring in the Artic Circle etc etc, I then often apply this logic to

One of these days the stupid sh*t I do is going to get me into serious
trouble, I should be chilling at my age, but I seem to be doing even more
silly stunts, must be some sort of male menopause .

Plus it usually involves my mate Jes, who is more of a nutter than me, we
both end up pushing each other as neither of us knows, or wants to admit
when we've had enough.......well that's the theory.

So woke up early as I had been mulling over possible logistics of sailing to
Pagham.........thought it best to leave early as we would have enough beach
if we had to come in so we could get out again........if things were to
hairy had a mate at Pagham who could give us a lift back if needs must, then
got a safety pack together, spare mast foot, harness line, food etc etc
........so had everything sorted apart from the most important
element....the wind!

When we were talking first thing on the phone, it was looking like 4.5 - 4.7
weather, and we agreed that would be the best, as the wind was to pick up.
So arranged to meet at 09:30 in front of the Cafe with the tide out.

I launched (4.7 & 77FSW) and quickly sussed not a lot of wind, but was able
to get going and sailed up to the Cafe, sort of on/off. My mate was on a 4.5
and was getting no where........more people were coming out all on big sails
and boards but I persevered and was amazed at how I was going, think my
recent drastic weight loss was paying dividends.......and I took my mates
kit and ended up having no problems with that much to his frustration.

In the end, we decided that the best move was for him to change board and
sail, with the parting words that it would be silly now to sail to Pagham on
a big board (105FSW) and the tide was well on the way in.

Eventually he came back out after I had been long shore blasting all over
the place and the wind seemed to have filled in............so we set off
with our sights set just on LA, no surprise then when we continued on past
LA...., then Middleton Rocks and Bognor.

By Bognor anyway we had to go on to Pagham as it was the only place we could
land and I needed to down / out haul my sail which was beginning to handle
really badly in the ever increasing wind.

As we neared Pagham could see all the sails out..........one sailor came out
(FiveOh) but I did not realise it was him and by then I was just aiming to
get in..........so we landed, took around 50 mins..........said hello to
various people, and fuelled up with bananas and energy gels for the return
leg, advising the dude (amazing he was on the beach) who was on standby to
give us a lift that we were going to sail back.

Best comment was from Mat, when I told him it only took us only 50mins, he
said "Well done, and did you get to park ok?".....he thought we'd driven .

So after tweaking kit we set off, and it soon became clear that my mate was
not sailing off the wind that well on the 105 which was getting a bit of a
handful..........he ended up going out to sea way too far for this time of
year as he could only really sail close to the wind. So we did quite a few
beats / tacks off Bognor (you can see them in the GPS track) and it was
obvious that it was not happening.........so we agreed that he'd sail in to
Bognor and that I'd sail back home to Worthing as I was happy that I could
sail off the wind staying close in and that I'd come back in the van to get
him, he had cash etc for food and he could make phone calls back to our
homes so I could find out where to pick him up!

Sailing back the sea was massive and quite scary at times especially sailing
past the huge rock sea defences that are off Middleton (you can see then on
the satellite imagery) and LA river mouth entrance at the end of the harbour
arm was very big..............but the worst was coming back inshore at
WeatherCam HQ more or less right on high tide.........I was totally
mullered, foot caught in strap, sail on top of me held down over me by the
crashing shore dump, managed to get ashore with my kit getting spat up the
beach then sucked back out again, I was so weak (that's when my HR hit 172)
there was little I could do, thought I'd end up with trashed kit but I was

So back in, quick turn around and drive back to Bognor to get my mate, not
checking my phone and only to find out later when I got home that the dude
at Pagham who was on standby to give us a lift back had left a message
asking if all was ok, and did we need picking up anywhere ........that would
have worked out perfectly if I'd bothered checking my mobile.

So have uploaded the GPS track log etc to Motion Based,
And here's the top level data................you can see did not stop that
much and a few miles.............

Summary Data:
Total Time 4:48:12
Moving Time 4:19:54
Distance 60.7 miles
Av Speed 14.0

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60 miles along UK South Coast & GPS track.

Post by floria » Wed, 16 Jan 2008 03:37:04

Thanks for sharing this.

What is the water temp in the channel these days?

florian - NY22