Info on Atlanta w/s and employment

Info on Atlanta w/s and employment

Post by ddow.. » Mon, 20 Feb 1995 04:29:34

Due to circumstances beyond my control(namely, a wedding),
I will be leaving the northeast to live in Atlanta.  The
recent threads on the existence of a windsurfing shop on
Lake Lanier gave me great joy.  Could someone fill me in
on the number of opportunities to sail in over 15 mph winds,
and the travel distance required to get these conditions?

I presently reside in Binghamton, NY, but do the majority of
my sailing near Buffalo, NY, about 200 miles away.  So a
long drive on a weekend is possible if the conditions so
warrant ( and the wife (non-sailing) permits it!).

The next question:  I am presently looking for a new job in
the Atlanta area.  I have a MS in Electrical Engineering and
five years experience in systems/software in my present job,
related to the
design and test of control systems, mostly in the aerospace
field.  An in-company transfer is a possibility, but must
wait until a nearly-complete merger is consumated (No, I'm
not talking about my marriage ;) ).  Does anyone have info
on good places to work?  I would like to begin work the second
week of June.

I will be in Avon, NC from 4/10 - 4/16, so send me a line if
any other netters will be there.  This is our fifth annual
excursion, and it seems to get better every year.

Thanks in advance for any help, please don't tell me I'm
crazy for moving to such a wind-forsaken place , since I live
in one now (one good short board day in Binghamton over four

Dave Dowski
607 757 9457