-O'Brien Pro AM

-O'Brien Pro AM

Post by brune.. » Wed, 08 Jun 1994 20:59:08

I had an '89 Pro-Am, and learned to hate it.  I'm a bit heavier than
you (6', 185 lb), and tried to transition from an Equipe to the
Pro-Am.  With the stock fin, it constantly rounded up into
the wind, even in a healthy breeze.  Trying to counter with
mast foot pressure submarined the nose every time, DIVE, DIVE!
The board also had a sandpaper-like finish, good footing, but
I rubbed a lot of skin off on it.  

The rounding-up tendency moderated when I put a bigger
fin on it, but still, it wasn't very fast, didn't plane up easily,
and (in typical variable lake sailing) wasn't much fun to sail.

I replaced it with a Bic Rock, which even though its smaller
(130 L), weighs a lot less, and was much better balanced (at
least for me).  No problems, even with the stock fin.  Based
on the other comments, I would strongly recommend--TRY IT

(Oops, sorry about the wrong title last time)