VERY, Very Last Call: first Windtracks Journal mailouts

VERY, Very Last Call: first Windtracks Journal mailouts

Post by WTRACKS » Fri, 29 Jan 1999 04:00:00

WINDTRACKS JOURNAL (Hit reply if you've already read the latest, below, and
just wann Get Your Copy)

Clay Feeter here. Are you ready for the season to start? La Nina's gonna be
good to us in '99. But first, I hope you'll support my every waking effort:
Windtracks Journal.

The ship carrying our inaugural issues of Windtracks Journal from the press in
Singapore passed south of Maui yesterday, and arrives in Los Angeles Harbor
next Thursday, January 28. The Journals come out of customs a few days later,
then are mailed to subscribers shortly after that, arriving in your mailbox mid
February, at very latest.

So, if you're not already subscribed, hit your "Reply" button and I'll get you
on the inaugural subscription list(don't worry, a second mailing goes out to
new subscribers in March; existing Wind Tracks subscribers from '98, of course,
will continue getting the Journal).

This is my quarterly book-like Journal. Purely high quality ...175-line screen
printed ... images and feature stories that are right in there with the real
feel of our sport. We've even got the highest tech available binding process
that allows all two-page spreads to be opened wide, so the huge,
heavily-impactful-gotta-quit-my-job-and-go-NOW-type photography can be viewed
like a poster, since the binding allows you to open the book nearly flat (no
big, high, bulging double rolls in the gutter/middle of each Journal spread).
You won't believe how this new process will increase your feel of the entire
two-page photo spreads! Don't be afraid to take both hands and flatten the
spreads out; see the entire image as if it were one page.

My inaugural issue features:

El Nino photo-story wrap up

Photographer Erik Aeder's Best Life's Images of our sport

A huge feature: In the Mind of the Inland Sailor, by me, Clay (no candy ass
lake sailing photos; this is the finest compilation of the height of the inland
windsurfing experience; best, most dramatic lake photos you've probably ever

A Wavesailing First: Yakutat Point, Alaska, w/ Wyman, LeBoe, Ordonez and
Katchadourian. Written by Tom Byrnes and Photographed by Glenn Dubock

The full and fully visual feature on Kitesurfing, by Doc Doolittle

Other sections include a Steve West article and Dunkerbeck just trying to get
outta the way at Jaws (a jaw-dropping two page spread).

Cost: $35/yr.

Email me your address and I'll rush it to our sub folks to be sure you get this
first, very Surfer's Journalish issue.

Email me, also, if you have any questions (and thanks for reading this far in
my overly long exortation).

Thanks, Clay Feeter, publisher/floor sweeper

WARNING: Be sure you're sitting down when opening the envelope w/ the new
Journal in it.


VERY, Very Last Call: first Windtracks Journal mailouts

Post by LA2WNDS » Wed, 03 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I'LL subscribe. $35 ? Why not!
Where do I send the dough?

Scott Carter
{a lot of wind is like a little bit of heaven}


VERY, Very Last Call: first Windtracks Journal mailouts

Post by WTRACKS » Wed, 03 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Scotty (alright! the old Calif. guard is hitting the hit for the cause), just
email me your address and I'll get ya a mag. Bill will come later. What a deal.

Thanks, Clay