Wetsuit/Camping Theft In South San Francisco Bay Area

Wetsuit/Camping Theft In South San Francisco Bay Area

Post by Will Est » Tue, 18 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I had my wetsuits stolen last night out of my garage.  They also
grabbed quite a bit of camping gear, but thankfully they didn't steal
the lion's share of my stuff from my car.  It looks to be a quick
hit-and-run job.

Wetsuit #1 is a Robby Naish O'Neill 4/3 suit.  It's black windskin
with lime-green stripes down the sides.  Wetsuit #2 is an O'Neill
shorty suit.  I believe that it was red and yellow, with windskin on
the chest.  Both wetsuits have a Toyota car key in the key holders.
Luckily the thieves didn't figure out that they could have taken my

On the theory that the thieves might be more dishonest than smart,
there is a chance that they will never notice the car key in the suit.
If you run across a suit being sold that matches the description
above, and particularly if it still has a Toyota key in the key
holder, could you get the person's name and phone and pass that
information to me?  Try to be a little subtle about noticing the key
in the holder.  That's a "key" piece of evidence tying them to the
crime (so to speak), and I don't want them to be aware of its presence
if at all possible.

The theft took place in Saratoga, California, and I suspect that the
thieves will try to pawn off the suits through a newspaper ad or at a
flea market somewhere in the South San Francisco Bay Area.  Also taken
during the robbery were:

- a large number of waterproof camping sacks and compression bags.

- a North Face *** Pack, pine green, that holds water bottles on
either side.  There was a nice *** flashlight and a large orange
emergency whistle on the inside.

- a nice compass and a tupperware container (shaped like a bread container)
that held misc. camping things like gold emergency blankets,
waterproof matches, and a rescue mirror).

- a Coleman fuel container for a Peak I camping stove.

Any information helping me to recover these items and catching the
thief is appreciated.

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