Duck jibes revisited.

Duck jibes revisited.

Post by David Ross Pur » Fri, 24 May 1991 14:50:48

Several day, weeks? (it's all a blur of studying) someone posted
a question about the timing of duck jibes. Here is my formula.

Normal jibe:
        1. Head of the wind slightly to get speed.
        2. Get out of harness.
        3. Transfer back hand toward clew to get leverage.
        4. Take back foot out of footstrap (lots of options on
            where you place the foot)    
        5. Initiate the jibe by sheeting in the sail and driving
            your knees into the turn. If I am on a wave board (rocker
            in tail I will push *** back foot) on a slalom board
            (rocker farther forward I will keep more weight forward)
        6. Keep sail sheeted in for a count.  
        7. Ease up on the turn and open up the sail making sure that
           the clew will not hit the water.
        8. Flip the sail, I like to spin it about it's center of
           gravity rather then letting the wind spin it around.
        9. Catch sail.
        10. Change feet position. (of course you can do this earlier)

Duck jibe.
        Steps 1-5 are same, at step 6 start the duck jibe. If you do
the duck early you will have plenty of speed and will be going as fast
the wind so the front of the sail will come back to you. If you
practice on a calm day the sail motion should be the same as a good
duck jibe. There is always the chance you may be going faster then
the wind. In this case the sail will come back at you hard. Something
to be avoided.

Anyway step 7 should be continue the carving jibe.
Step 8 grab sail with new front hand. etc.

That's my timing clue. Start the duck early while you still have speed if
you are having problems with the sail not coming back toward you. I don't
know how many times I would duck and sit there holding the boom waiting
for the front of the sail to come back.

Now, what is the secret of the helicopter tack?

David Purdy   165lbs 5'-11" size 11 shoe :-), 8'-8" Bruce Jones    
                custom wave/high wind board, my girlfriend took
                custody of my sails so I would study :-(.


Duck jibes revisited.

Post by Harald Vo » Fri, 24 May 1991 19:13:20

|> Now, what is the secret of the helicopter tack?

What seems to help is to use the sail-hand to let out the wind
when you have the sail in front of you against the wind.
Just bend your elbow of the sail-hand to get rid of too much wind.

A second thing you can do is to put one feet before the mast. At the
moment this works fine for me on my slalomboard. My wave-board is an
extreme sinker, I managed to do a helikptortack only once on it.
You have to be much faster as on a slalomboard.

Hope this helps,

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