the WSE: Windsurfing Search Engine

the WSE: Windsurfing Search Engine

Post by info » Sat, 15 Jul 2000 04:00:00

Hi all,

the Windsurfing search engine is a web site I have created in my spare time
to index windsurfing sites.

- It is not perfect and feedback or advise is VERY MUCH appreciated ..
- It is based on USE: United Search Engine (free search engine creation web
site, in beta phase)
- It is not commercial and it is not suppose to make any money...

if you would like to put an advert on it, then it's free, just send me a gif
(same size as the one that appears on --not the pop
up window!! ) and a link to a web page.

below are some tips to index your web site in the windsurfing search engine:

1- The WSE is based on content indexing: META tags are not considered. this
is due to the fact that
    META tags aren't specific enough and webmasters tend to put as much
keywords as they can. this works if you
    are indexing your site in a general search engine (yahoo!,infoseek...)
    Also some manufacturers will put their competitors name in meta tags in
order to gain attention of customers** this is not a good idea!

2- WSE will go down 3 levels of directories...only.
    However if you want to make sure your entire site is indexed, either
send me a request ( through the "contact us" link on
    add more URL  in the WSE (through "Add URL" link)

3-  WSE scans new pages every hour...however your page might take longer to
appear, if the queue is patient and re-try later

4- Make sure you have a "mailto://" type of link in one of your pages.
     If your email is a link in one of your web-pages, you will receive a
message confirming that your site is taken into consideration.

5- If you are sponsoring anyone, don't forget to hie/her name in your pages,
so people can find your site when they are looking for this person
    A lot of queries are windsurfer names (stone, hardy, calthrop....)

6- if you have any question, you can contact me through the "contact us" lin
k on

7- Mr Robby Naish has nothing to do with this web site...** SO DON'T SEND

have fun