Share Gorge Expenses July1-14,'94

Share Gorge Expenses July1-14,'94

Post by martyr.. » Fri, 15 Apr 1994 08:33:22

North Attleboro shortboarder looking to share expenses - car and room
rental at Gorge first 2 weeks of this coming July.  Sailor is*** Vatcher,
advanced sailor and asked me to post this here for him.*** has been at
the Gorge several times, and knows his way around. He can go "cheap" at the
Vagabond Lodge (trailer) for $47/nite for 2 or more (that's total cost, NOT
per person!), or more upscale up to $75/nite for all. Looking to share
sailing experiences, will pull his share.  Depending on where you depart
from, can meet at airport and pick you up or vice versa.

Please post a note to*** at my email address and I will forward it on.
Please include an evening phone number where he can follow up with you.

bcnu at the Gorge!

Marty Roth
Rowayton CT       Wind? Waitin' in Rowayton!