Last Call 10/7 WTracks Civ. War Tour

Last Call 10/7 WTracks Civ. War Tour

Post by WTRACKS » Sun, 28 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Hi,  Clay Feeter here from Wind Tracks coming to you quite off the subject
of windsurfing. I'd like to invite you to join me in a history walk.

I'm driving east to help run the Hatteras Championships, Oct. 11-19. On
the way there:

On Oct. 7, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. I have arranged to have Licensed
Gettysburg Guide/Civil War Author and genuinely fabulous orator Michael
Phipps conduct a great half day or so of group walking/touring the Antietam
Battlefield, Sharpsburg, MD, THEN we will likely drive the hour up to
Gettysburg for an evening seminar, picking apart the events at Little Round Top.

Yes, this is for the serious history buff. Our tour guide probably
wouldn't appreciate post-sailing nasal drips on his park service issue shoes.

Anyway, the cost is $20 ea. It's well worth it. Michael Phipps is like the
three best professors/teachers you've ever had all wrapped into one. When
he toured Steve West and Dubock and I around his regular daily stint at
Gettysburg last year the 12 people in our group were silent as could be
fearing they might miss a word Phipps said, so full is each minute of his
history talks. He's a real chracter, too. Never a dull moment. One of his
famous lines is, "If it didn't happen around 1863, I don't know about it."

So, see you at:

Oct. 7, 9 a.m. Meet at front door of Antietam Visitor's Center, just north
of Sharpsburg, MD.
You might call Phipps for any other details:
(717) 334-7325.

Sincerely, Clay Feeter, Team Wind Tracks magazine
Pistol River, Oregon