spinout (again)

spinout (again)

Post by Jim Robins » Fri, 03 Sep 1993 09:04:18

Well, I have started sailing at a site that can get quite choppy (Squamish)
and I have been experiencing spinout in a major way. Could some kind soul
possibly give me a few pointers on avoiding spinout and recovering once it
happens. I seem to remember that rear foot placement wrt the fin (or fin
placement wrt the rear foot) had an effect, but I can't recall the details.
As well, is spinout a function of sail size and fin size and/or shape?

As usual, any advice appreciated.
Jim Robinson



spinout (again)

Post by Tom M. Kroeg » Sat, 04 Sep 1993 02:32:22

Two aspects about spinouts-

1)  How to aviod spin outs?
 - Sail size.  You'll spinn out a great bit more if your over powered, it
makes logical sence wind you think of how the wind is pushing you sideways
and your fin is redirecting that force.   Soln: down size - but murphy's
law does apply here, sometimes I just live with it, Sometimes its too much
to live with.  This is certainly an important factor!
 - Fin -  a the right fin is quite a difference.  a sloted fin will help to
grab the water but will slow you down (not necessarily bad esp in good
waves).  Fin length can also help I have several friend that come down in
fin size before they bring down sail size (it's much faster).  My favorite
spot is bumpy and has mild waves in the summer, but the wind is steady and
good.  When is goes off I live on an Airborne fin it's a bit expensive, but
it was worth it.  It hold on to the water and lets me do what I want.

2)  What to do once you've spunout?
 -  once you do spin out you need to give you fin another bite of water.  I
simply jerk *** my back foot to pull the fin to clean water, and it
turns the board down wind (less sail pressure on the side of the fin)  Just
a quick jerk should do it.  Asside - sometimes it's fun to ride a spinout
you gear handle totaly differently and if you've go the room down wind it's
something different to do (sorta like sailing clew first) not too hard and
it's a change.


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