Late Oregon Coast trip report

Late Oregon Coast trip report

Post by Ken Berg » Sun, 02 Aug 1992 01:21:39

I've been wanting to tell you all about my great 3 days at Manzanita
last weekend all week long.  Here it is.

With the hot temperatures in the valley due to the California
thermal heat low, the coast has had great winds up until yesterday.
The heat low is now too far north.  

My wife and I loaded the motorhome up and left Portland last Friday
night.  We sat on the sunset hwy for over an hour due to a head on
collision in which we later heard now.that 2 people died.  Shoulda seen
those mangled cars.  We got to Manzanita in time for the spectacular
sunset through the offshore marine layer.

Day 1:  "smooth Saturday"  The smallest waves of the three days.  I
had a great time from 1-5pm on my 8'10" and 5.0 rigged flat without
the camber.  I probably could have rigged down to a 4.5 late in the
day, but why bother.  The waves were very cooperative and I never
got pummeled in the impact zone.

Day 2:  "Soulful Sunday"  The Manzanita wind machine cranks up every
day around noon.  This day was no exception.  The waves were big
this day.  Logo high.  I got rejected in the impact zone on my first
reach out of the day on my 8'10"/5.0.  I hate starting the day out
like this!  I started playing around on the inside, trying
transitions on the smaller inside sets.  I finally made it outside
late in the afternoon.  I was so happy to be there that I stayed
outside the break for the rest of my session.

Day 3:  "The awakening"  Monday.  The waves remained big but the
wind was lite on the inside.  I hate slogging though the impact
zone.  You want to be powered.  I was really in the groove this day.
I was sailing real good and lanching tabletops off the huge outside
set.  Every time I get***y at Manzanita, the ocean has to remind
me who is really in charge.  This day was no exception.  I was on my
last session.  I got a real strong puff off the beach and headed
straight for a big wave.  I lanched off about a 7 foot wave at
maximum speed.  I went up, up, up.  When I landed, the Dill was a
little sideways and I heard and felt a solid SNAP.  I had just
donated my fin and finbox to the Manzanita Wind God.  Now I'm right
in the middle of the gnarrly impact zone with no fin.  There was no
time to do the harness drag gig.  I tried to stand on my board, but
the board was doing 360s on its own with no fin.  Right after this
happened, a guy from the California Crew launched off a wave and
crashed very near me.  His North boom exploded upon impact.  Nothing
left of it but the front end and clew part.  So now at least I had
someone to swim with.  I kept asking God to help me remain calm.  It
worked.  I got pounded twice by big waves but I never freaked out.
I eventually touched bottom, and Ben and I had a nice hike up the
beach together.  I de-rigged and drove back to Portland.  I told my
wife that Manzanita had beaten me again.  She said no it didn't, I
was still alive.  I believe her.

Dispite the fin donation, I really enjoyed Monday.  It was me, the
three guys from the California Crew (who I partied with the night
before) and Moe Dixon.  Treasure Cove break is nice with only 5 guys
sailing.  I can't wait to go back.