Fin size, shape and placement (rail type)

Fin size, shape and placement (rail type)

Post by Peter van Linge » Mon, 11 May 1998 04:00:00


I have a BIC astro rock (295m, 5 years old). It has a rail in which the fin
is put.

How should I place the fin correctly (near the end of the board or to the
front of the board
Should I do something to cover the unused part of the rail (tape it?) to
prevent turbulence (spin out ?).
Are there fins (for my board) which I should use instead of the fin that
came with the board (that one is a curved vin with a gap). I have recently
bought a (4 years old, used) North Sails PrismaTX 5.8 sail.

Thanx,  Peter