A Holiday Greeting to All The Dog's Friends

A Holiday Greeting to All The Dog's Friends

Post by The D » Sat, 23 Dec 1995 04:00:00

          Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the city,
            Not a Boardhead was sailing, it was truly a pity.
            The Sticks were all stored in their bags nice and safe,
                With Sails and Booms waiting for the next race.

            Now the weatherman said it would get real chilly,  
              But he's often so wrong, and we think he's quite silly.
           So we hope and we pray for another warm front,
             High winds from the South so we don't have to pump.

               And if nuclear winds should happen to pass
                    Off to North Lake, we would head in a flash.
                 The power plant there brings the water temp up
               So in our wetsuits, we won't freeze out butt.

                 But we hold little hope as the temperatures drop,
                  For trying new gear we just bought at the shop.
            So we'll have to be happy with the old memories.
               Till winter wraps up with that last big freeze.

             But in three months or so, we'll be back on the water.
          And you'll be laughing at me as I rant and I holler.
             In the mean time, a toast to all of my friends,
             That your holiday season sees you safe home again.

                Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...
                                 See ya in '96

                                Brian "The Dog" Cunningham
                                        and Max