Best Places to sail near SF and San Diego.

Best Places to sail near SF and San Diego.

Post by Mark Bish » Thu, 03 May 1990 00:30:07

    I am getting ready to head back to West Lafayette, IN (the land of NO
WIND!) for summer school and hope to take the "long way home". My plans are
to spend a couple of days in San Fransisco and then a couple more in San
Diego May 16th - May21st. What I need to know is where are the best places in
these two areas (or inbetween) to sail. Would a quick trip down to Baha be
worth it?
    I will be traveling with a 9'6" glass board (since my 8'6" will be
useless in Indiana) with  4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 6.0 and 7.3 sails. I am working on
jibes, like many others, so maybe some nice flat water with wind would be the
call although I can handle waves. If you can help me out with suggestions on
places to sail, it would be much appreciated. You can reply here or post
since others may want to know also.


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