Stolen Gear from Long Island, NY

Stolen Gear from Long Island, NY

Post by Tedrow » Fri, 30 Sep 2005 05:56:19

Hi All: On Wednesday night (9/21/05) windsurfing gear was stolen from
my car. I would be very grateful if you could contact me if any of the
items pop up.

Here is list of what was stolen:

1) 2003 Exocet Speedslider 87. The colors are aqua blue and white, and
the distinguishing feature is the hatch cover is busted and the board
is repaired underneath. They only stole the board, not the fin.

2) 2005 JP Australia Super X 116 liters.  The distinguishing feature is
a minor repair to the nose, with some extra white paint on top. They
only stole the board, not the fin.

3) 2005 Fiberspar RDM 460 mast. The color is blue.

4) 2005 Fiberspar RDM 400 mast.

5) 2004 North Viper 75 380 mast.

6) 2004 North Instinct 4.0 sail. The color was blue/grey.

7) 2002 Gaastra Pulse 4.7. The luff was blue.

8) 2002 Gaastra Charger 5.5. The luff was red, and there was a repair
in the bottom panel, with a slight tear in the luff near the top.

9) 2004 Aerotech Air 6.4. The luff was yellow, and there were some
holes at the front of the batten pockets.

10) 2004 Chinook Wave Triple Clamp boom. The harness lines were white.

11) 2005 board bag for the JP. It had wheels and was in two pieces.

12) 2003 sail and boom bag for four masts and sails

Please feel free to contact me if you have any information. My email

Thanks for your help !!!

- Tedrowe Bonner