Wayler Mastfoot??

Wayler Mastfoot??

Post by MAJ » Mon, 31 Jul 2000 04:00:00

I was recently given a Wayler Windsurfer.  I hope to use this board for
teaching my wife and other beginners how to windsurf.  It's big and floaty
and it seems like it will handle some serious abuse with no worries.

One majore problem though...the mastfoot looks like it has been repaired by
replacing what must have been a *** bushing with some type of engine
hose.  It doesn't work very well and the rig tends to pop out at will, no
matter how hard you tighten the foot down into the board.  There is no
mast-track on the board, rather it has two holes which you plunge the bolt
into.  As you spin the foot clockwise it causes the nut and washer on the
end to compress the hosing and scrunch outward (sorry for the extremely
technical description :-), but I'm sure anyone familiar with this board will
understand what I'm trying to say...or so I hope!).

The questions:  Does anyone know where I might find a replacement mastfoot
for this board?  Or, does anyone have a good after-market fix for this
beast?  Thanks!



Wayler Mastfoot??

Post by Mark H » Tue, 01 Aug 2000 04:00:00

Maybe try calling The-House (Sailboard Warehouse) at (800)992-7245 or
(651)482-9995.  They used to have a mastfoot selection, compression-type, to
fit older boards.

I thought Wayler sold a lot of boards in the US.  I seldom hear anyone
mentioning them when talk is about vintage boards.  Where did they all end

I sold mine a decade ago to an acquaintance who approached me for it,
knowing it was catching mostly garage time, to use for puttering around a
small lake.  Is there a small lake Wayler underground?

Mark H.
The Bronx