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I need help in locating the mast-foot that would fit an older board
(model MK 1000) manufactured by MK Engineering of Stamford, Connecticut
(currently defunct company as far as I can gather).

I have never windsurfed in my life & yesterday I bought the entire
windsurfer at a tag sale for $ 75. (board, sail, mast, boom, fins). I
am desperate to start before the temperature gets too cold here in the
northeast US & I don't have the cash to go out and buy a real rig.
[besides I may try to do this for countless hours and realize that I
really suck at it :-)   ]. The mast-foot came with the unit but it is

The bottom section of the mast foot (the part that slides inside the
board) is the shape of a peg about 5 inches long, and about 1 inch in
diameter.It has a *** compression ring near the tip. A plastic lever
located inside the mast foot would expand the *** ring at the tip
inside the mast hole of the board  . The lever is attached to a metal
post running inside the bottom half of the mast-foot; the post is
completely rusted and therefore it won't slide up (this is what would
make the *** compression fitting expand, securing the mast to the
board). Due to this rusted post, there is no way to secure the mast to
the board. The mast, and foot will however slide in the board without
any problems.

I tried everything in to unfreeze this metal post, but it is not
budging. I have given up trying to fix it.

Having said this, did other manufacturers use this same sort of
mounting? If so, could you direct me to some retailers in the northeast
US area ?

Is it possible to windsurf with the mast base sitting in the hole
without securing it to the board ? (if so, I may be able to get same
immediate use out of my windsurfer)

If you happen to own a spare mast foot that matches this description, I
would consider purchasing it.

Thank you for putting up with my confusing prose.

(BTW, my wife is going to kill me if I don't put this very cumbersome
board to good use soon :)  )

gerry chille'



Post by KJC10 » Thu, 08 Sep 1994 03:15:08


Try Sailboard Warehouse.  They might have something.