Maui Trip Report 6/22-7/7

Maui Trip Report 6/22-7/7

Post by John Wrig » Tue, 16 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Maui Trip Report 6/22 - 7/7/96

The trades are back and the sailing was great most of the time.  Here
is the summary (6'1" 185 lbs):

6/23    Kihei   4.3
6/24    Kanaha  4.3
6/25    Kanaha  5.0
6/26    went to Hana with parental units
6/27    Kanaha  5.0
6/28    Kanaha  5.0
6/29    Kihei   5.0 (short blow that died early)
6/30    Kanaha  5.0
7/1     went to big island to see volcano
7/2     Kanaha  4.3
7/3     Kanaha  4.3
7/4     Sprecks skunked (short blow that died early)
7/5     Kanaha  5.0
7/6     Kanaha  5.0

My S.O. and I took our own rigs and just rented boards.  She was on an
Axxis Wave 250 and I used an Axxis 260.  I wanted to work on jibes and
the 260 is a great board for that.  Only complaints were about fins.
Seems to me that the shops put tiny fins in their boards and I have to
demand something which will hold me.  The first fin I got was for a
sail range of 3.1 to 4.1 which I was rarely close to.  The next fin
was better but couldn't handle a 5.4 and spun out badly when I tried
jumping (yes better technique would help).  Finally got a bigger blade
fin and had a great time.

Hats off to Al West and Maui Windsurfing Vans.  We had booked in
January and two days before we left they called us to inform us that
they were overbooked and they had no van for us.  They did have a
midsized car reserved for us (to hold three sailors and all gear - hah)
but we managed to snag a minivan from National.  However, once Al saw
that we had three sets of gear he managed to get us a van after a
couple of days.  Having a van to hold everything makes the trip much
more pleasant.  You can go anywhere without loading and unloading or
storing anything in your condo.  I suspect Al is suffering from too
much success and the demand for vans is high.  He needs a better
system for reservations and handling overbooking.  I suspect that the
market there could support more than one windsurfing van company if
anyone wants to try the business.

See you there next summer.




Maui Trip Report 6/22-7/7

Post by Michael Fried » Thu, 18 Jul 1996 04:00:00

dear john,
i enjoyed your report, as you can see in the news group i, (michael Friedl) althought
wanted to know how are the conditions in maui. i ask myself if you also had some waves
or only fla***her. i have been in maui last year in oct+nov and heard that in summer
there is especialy flat wather, but also strong wind. - we had some nice waves in nov.

would be nice if you can answer me