Hatteras Trip Report - longer - oh, and it has no name calling or finger pointing.

Hatteras Trip Report - longer - oh, and it has no name calling or finger pointing.

Post by zephy » Tue, 02 May 2006 05:32:25

Hey guys,

Just got back from a great week in Frisco and wanted to re-live the week
thru posting.

Left Friday aft and drove the 16 hrs to NC. overnighted near DC, and
arriving in Frisco at 12.  Was traveling with 8 other guys from Ontario. -
slept like sh$t in the hotel - kept waking up to check on the 20+ boards on
our trailers out in the parking lot.

Hatteras Realty said we would be able to get the keys to our house at 4,
but, when we got to the house at 1,  the cleaners were just leaving  so we
setup and sailed with a break at 4 to go get the keys. - note to any one
using Hatteras Realty - you are not supposed to go to your house before you
get the key.  When we called from the driveway of the house to see if we
could get the keys early,  we made sure to stress that we were not in the
yard or setting anything up.     :)

7.5 stuff on the first day, a nice re introduction after a long winter off.
The next 3 days were light, but I managed to get out on 2 of those with my
10.5 retro.  The guys I was with only had sails up to 8.0,  so for 2 days I
was an adverti***t for big gear.    I love the light wind sensation,
gliding over almost perfectly flat water, completely relaxed.
Having just read one of the latest ws mags with a quick instruction on how
to body drag, I though,  what a perfect time to give it a shot.  -  I
quickly gave that idea up after eating prodigious amounts of sal***er.
Wednesday morning things started to get interesting. Forecast had been
calling for lots o wind starting during the night,  woke up at 6, and it was
quiet.  - ah well,  back to sleep,  Woke up again at 7 to hear the wind
howling thru a crack in the slider door.  It was blowing around 20 mph.
Rigged a 5.5 and hoped on my new to me 100 ltr jp.  Got on the water, bafed
and rigged as small as I could - 4.5.  I never used a 4.5 before. Crazy,  I
though sails that small were just for show.  had about 2 hrs solid of 4.5
often OP.   wind let off later in the morning and I was on a 6.5 by the end
of the day.  Love the new board and the 6.5 combo.    Thursday and Friday
were more of the same.  NE winds blowing hard constantly day and night, and
anywhere from a 4.5 to a 6.5 was plenty.  by Friday afternoon we had enough,
and packed up as the wind died around noon.  2 hrs later it was blowing 18+
again, but were packed and ready to go.  Can't wait for next year!!

Couple of lessons learned - even though a 4.5 is small,  you can still get
pitched pretty quickly when waterstarting.  My jp is now 10 cm shorter after
I took the nose out with my hip.  -  I cut the nose back and squared it off
with some ding stick - Good as new, and now with a truly unique look.   -
I'm calling it the hammer head now.
I though wave sailing would only be fun if you could jump,  man,  I think
I've got that one backwards.  Thursday when the NE was blowing almost
straight to our house there were some really nice 2 -4 foot rollers in the
sound,  Had a BLAST maneuvering thru them.  I'm learning to chop hop, and
trying to get air now too. - While bringing your feet up under your but in
the air may make it look like you jumped higher,  if your nose lands first,
your in trouble.  - I think that's a lesson I only need to learn once!!

Missed the windfest crew on Saturday - too eager to get out planing - then
drove thru frisco woods Sunday morning to see the last of gear getting
packed up.

We took a complete newbie with us - he had "tried" once before.  he spent 3
light wind days on my *board start. and then suffered the last 3 days in the
20 + winds on a astro rock.  By the end of the week he has waterstarting,
planing, with a harness, and asking about FFF or BFF.   That was neat to