Scotland&NewCaledonia need info pls

Scotland&NewCaledonia need info pls

Post by John K. Bat » Thu, 10 Feb 1994 07:09:59

I am trying to demonstrate the Power of the Net to some sceptical (board)
I am hoping for some help regarding a surf trip I am planning, to New
My questions are:

1) When does it break? What is the best season, what is the lay of the
Point breaks? Reef breaks? Beginner or advanced? Are there any special
2)What will I need in the way of equipment/gear?  
What length/type of boards should I bring?
3) What will it cost to get and/or be there? Does anyone have any advice on
how tominimize costs? What about transportation? How badly do I need it,
how much is it?
4) If I can actually get these sceptics to send me will anyone volunteer to
show me around? Would someone give me the benefit of their
5) Does anyone have actual New Caledonia surf experiences to relate?
6) Is there anything I could bring with me, for goodwill purposes that the
locals  need and find difficult
to obtain (only stuff I can cross borders with, please).
7) Answers to questions I don't know enough to ask...

If you have any information you would be willing to share with me it will
appreciated greatly.
Please E-mail me at the address below, thanks.