Windwing: Kiteboarding has been Cancelled

Windwing: Kiteboarding has been Cancelled

Post by Anthony Boese » Tue, 14 Feb 2006 01:42:58

I was wondering when that would happen.  That is a shame!  One of the
reasons, I bought Windwing Sails was because Bill Hansen stood by his
products and has great designs.



> Bill's comments off the kite forum:

> Recent decisions by the current management effectively ended my 24
> year association with the
> Windwing brand as of Dec 15th 2005. The deception of customers and
> supporters does not represent the
> business philosophy and tradition I strived to create over the 20
> years in which I was the founder
> and principle owner. Therefore I am making this announcement to
> eliminate any confusion or
> misconception as to my relationship with the company or it's future
> products or services. This is a
> sad day for me and, from the comments here and in other forums, those
> who viewed the Bird logo and
> my associated design talents with respect. I deeply appreciate the
> many positive statements
> regarding my work and hope to continue in the wind sports business as
> a designer, R&D consultant or
> product manager. I sincerely hope Windwing will carry on the tradition
> of innovation and customer
> service I helped to establish.
> Best regards to you all,
> - Bill Hansen


>>I hope this does not also spell death for the windsurfing division
>>(although I received an ominous sounding email today from a friend).
>>My first set of sails were 'wings and I learned to sail in Berkeley,
>>Windwing's backyard for many years.  It would be a shame for them to go



Windwing: Kiteboarding has been Cancelled

Post by Pepi » Thu, 16 Feb 2006 15:17:36

Hey George:

I believe that Holm was unfortunately 'let go' a little over a month
ago by the Windwing management. Same with Boarder Bob.