New Features on N.Z.Windsurfing Guide

New Features on N.Z.Windsurfing Guide

Post by b.spedd.. » Wed, 19 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Hi all

I've added two new sections to the New Zealand Windsurfing Guide...

_Introduction to Windsurfing_ is based on a brochure produced by the NZWA to
promote windsurfing and offers general advice on how to get started. Friendly
non-technical language.

I've also converted the 40+ page Windsurfing Guide produced by the NZWA to WWW
format, it gives pretty detailed coverage for the whole of NZ and basically
makes my original work obsolete, however the bias towards Auckland (North) is
balanced by my bias for points south, so perhaps they complement each other.
This guide was produced in about '93 so some details are out of date, there's
a new issue to be produced soon. A hard copy can be purchased from the NZWA.

I've finally had a quick peek at the mountainbike guide which is great, MTB
complements windsurfing well and there's some great rides around NZ.

I'll also be posting the NZWA calendar in the next few days for those who
would like to come for a summer (northern hemisphere) circuit, there's a lot
of great events over Christmas!