Attention all UK Speed Freaks - 1997 Sail Sprint

Attention all UK Speed Freaks - 1997 Sail Sprint

Post by Steve Metcal » Mon, 10 Feb 1997 04:00:00

The 1997 Sail Sprint kicks off from 15th March 1997 with a new format
which will hopefully make the most of the UKs potential for smashing
the 100m Speedsailing Record.

The years events will be split into two 8 week windows beginning in
March and September with events being scheduled on any day of the week
subject to 36 hours notice.  Events will only be called when the BBC
weather forecast is showing a minimum of 25 mph for the first three
events and a minimum of 35 mph for any subsequent events within each
period.  Events will last for a maximum of two consecutive days and
unless the wind conditions are exceptional, only one event will be
called in any five day mid-week period.  Where possible the organisers
will try to run events at weekends but this will depend entirely upon
when the wind gods decide to be kind to us.

There will be no need to worry about sail numbers etc. as all
competitors will be issued with a numbered vest at each event.

Possible event venues are restricted to West Kirby and Southend, with
the actual event location been decided by the weather forecast and
local tidal conditions.  It is hoped that a "Final" fixed event will
be held at Weymouth, the birthplace of speedsailing, on Friday 14th
and Saturday 15th November 1997.

Competitors will be able to ring a special Hotline telephone number to
find out if any event has been scheduled, this number is 07000 773331.

Each separate day will count as a separate event with the positions
being decided on the basis of each sailors best speed on each day.  

The overall Championship will be decided on the aggregate of a
sailors three fastest times from three separate days events.  If the
season fails to produce a minimum of five events then results will be
calculated on a sailors best two speeds, and if we get two or less
events the Championship will be decided on the fastest overall speed
of the season.

There will also be a National Ranking Table of sailors best overall
speeds for which each sailors best individual speed at a Sail Sprint
event will count, irrespective or whether it was achieved in an event
which counts towards the Championship.

The Prizegiving for the 1997 Sail Sprint Championship will take place
at the BWA Annual Windsurfing Ball which is scheduled for Saturday, 15
November 1997.

All sailors wishing to compete in Sail Sprint events must be members
of the BWA and must sign an insurance indemnity form as well as having
proof of third party insurance

Entry fees for 1997 will be 15 GBP per day.  Non-BWA members entering
their first Sail Sprint event will be charged 20 GBP which will
include their first years membership of the BWA.

And Finally,

It has been announced that Paddy Payne has decided to retire from the
organisation of the Sail Sprint series and has handed over the reins
to that model of restrained administrative efficiency, otherwise known
as Dave White!!!!

Paddy has worked tirelessly behind the scenes for many years to ensure
that speedsailing in the UK has continued to survive and to grow.
Those sailors who have stuck with the sport through the good times and
the bad will appreciate all the work that he has done for us and will
join us in thanking him for his efforts and wishing him all the best
in his new ventures.

Sam & Steve Metcalfe


Attention all UK Speed Freaks - 1997 Sail Sprint

Post by David Hirs » Fri, 14 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Is it true that there might be a speed event at Redcar?