FS: 1996 Mistral Malibu S CGI (Boston)

FS: 1996 Mistral Malibu S CGI (Boston)

Post by Mark Gerlov » Wed, 08 Apr 1998 04:00:00

For sale in Boston, MA:

Longboard - 1996 Mistral Malibu S CGI

The stats:

  * Volume - 170 liters
  * Length - 330 cm (10'8")
  * Weight - 27 lbs
  * Construction - CGI (carbon glass interfusion)
  * Daggerboard
  * Foot operated mast track
  * Mistral Soft Edge footraps

Included with the board:
  * 2 fins - original Misral Slalom/Wave 32cm
    and Concrete Wave Race 40cm (15.8"), good for
    early planing
  * Mistral mast base
  * Mistral 18" mast extension (very nice, can be
    adjusted with one hand)

Condition - excellent, sailed only a few times.

Price - $550/bo

This is a pretty easy board to sail, both in sub-planing
and especially in planing conditions, jibes well.
I would prefer to sell it locally, to save on shipping
charges. If you are not local to Boston area, you would have
to arrange and pay for COD shipping.