Wanted: Midwest area kayak instruction....

Wanted: Midwest area kayak instruction....

Post by Don Smi » Tue, 22 Aug 1995 04:00:00

A very good friend of mine and I are interested in learning how to
correctly (and confidently :-) pilot a kayak. What we've talked about
doing is trying to find a reputable place in the near vicinity to
learn the basics (my friend has actually piloted a kayak once, but I
have never done it), and then taking a trip (to Hood, Oregon??? Some
place else???) for a multiple day trip and/or more lessions. We'd
appreciate any input you have on nearby instruction, good places for
trips, etc. I will try and check this newsgroup (also cross-posted in
rec.windsurfing, even though it doesn't really fit -- sorry.), but I'd

in advance!!

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