Advice: Cabarete (sp?), Dominican Republic

Advice: Cabarete (sp?), Dominican Republic

Post by Bl » Sat, 05 Nov 1994 00:21:45

We'd like to spend a month in the Dominican Republic.  Because we have
2 small children as well as a non-sailing mother, we are looking for a
place on the Caribbean side with white sandy beaches and calm waters
(are they as calm as some people claim?), but still close enough to
Cabarete (or another serious sailing spot) for me to be able to sail on
a regular basis.  We are looking for a house, hopefully on the beach,
hopefully not too close to the tourist mainstays.  But we'll take any

Any information on accomodations, recommended spots or contacts in the
Dominican Republic would be greatly appreciated.  We are fluent in

tx in advance,
the Blu familiy.


Advice: Cabarete (sp?), Dominican Republic

Post by MZ30 » Mon, 19 Dec 1994 09:40:18

It's tough to be on the Caribbean side and to sail Cabarete; it's a 4 hour
drive! I recommend getting a place right on Cabarete beach. In fact, I
have just the spot for you: my new house. Three br, 3 bath in excluxsive
Olas de Oro enclave. House is 50yds from beach and launchand 500yds from
Cabarete village. Full maid and guard sevice, pool at beach, restaurant on

You won't be dissapointed.