Good Sailing locations around D.C.?

Good Sailing locations around D.C.?

Post by Capt Dave Chap » Wed, 30 Sep 1992 22:14:37

Does anyone know of any good places to sail around the D.C. area?
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Good Sailing locations around D.C.?

Post by jay titl » Thu, 01 Oct 1992 01:20:17

In the immediate Washington area, the 2 most sailed places are the
Washington Sailing Marina just south of National Airport, and
Mason Neck State Park further down the Potomac on the ***ia side.
The Sailing is rather muddy, and debris can be floating in the water, but
it is the most convienent.  The best sailing conditions are due north
and south, but NW winds are sailable too.

If you want to make the 45 minute drive to Annapolis, try Sandy Point State
Park at the western base of the bay bridge, or Kentmorr Harbor just south
of the eastern base of the bridge... much better than the Potomac sites.

There are Wind Hot Line stations located at all these sites.  They may
help you from getting skunked.  Also, the winds reported at national
airport are pretty representative of the conditions at the Washington
Sailing marina.

Happy Sailing.  Looks sailable today!