Techno Fins

Techno Fins

Post by Bill Kli » Wed, 23 Aug 2000 14:50:01

I own a Techno and am using it to prepare for  Techno Racing,  for fin testing,
for my boys who are 10, 13,and 15 who are learning to windsurf, and as a loaner
for beginner friends.

I use from our line:

Kids and beginners: The low aspect Curtis Drake 33, it takes a beatiing, planes
easy, makes it more stable to uphaul, water start and learn to jibe Yes,
beginners can tell the difference with the right fin.

For Fin testing: These fins work well: CR-7 38cm and up, all CR-10, 12, 15,
15b, and slalom SR-6b 42 and 44, Weed Fins 40, 44.

Also we are testing CR-15 58 62, 66 and 70 for deep water only.

We make an FR-2 40 and 46 for those who insist on a similar outline to the
stock fin. The above fins usually work better, just go a  little shorter to
turn better

Remember the following: It applies to all boards

1. a big fin to plane earlier
2. smaller to cruise or turn better
3. three fins: one to plane , one to cruise, one for when it is windiest

I hope this helps clarify things a bit, at least for Curtis Fins.

Best wishes,

Bill Kline
Gorge Sport USA
Curtis Performance Fins, Orca Fins
Hood River, OR USA

ph/541 387 2649  fax/541 386 1715