Sailing BBS, San Diego CA

Sailing BBS, San Diego CA

Post by Laughlin Hugh » Tue, 22 Mar 1994 16:42:00

        There's a new BBS for sailors now afloat in San Diego,
California.  The system is called Ship to Shore, the Skipper there is
Jeff Hasz, and the number is (619) 435-3187 (14.4, 8N1, 24hrs).

        Ship to Shore (aka "S2S") is a fleet of systems run for sailors
by sailors...  All mariners welcome aboard!

        Laughlin Hughes
        Tornado KC234
        Skipper,  Ship to Shore OIS Toronto

                 ####    Ship to Shore OIS    ####
                       Marine Net for Sailors

   Arlington     VA   703-525-1458   Chicago         IL   ..offline...
   Homestead     FL   305-230-0034   Moncton         NB   506-386-8843
   New York City NY   212-865-3787   Redwood City    CA   415-365-6385
   San Diego     CA   619-435-3187   Salt Lake City  UT   801-942-7398
   Toronto       ON   416-538-2496   Vancouver       BC   604-540-9596

                   1200/2400/9600 and up N-8-1
                     24Hours,  7Days a week
            Serving the Sailing Community since 1989

 * OLX 2.2 * Every wave that breaches is a nudge to be up and away...
 * S2S TOR