West Virgina / Connecticut sailing in Decmeber

West Virgina / Connecticut sailing in Decmeber

Post by Joseph C. Stanl » Fri, 22 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Howdy folks!

I'm passing through West ***a tomorrow.  I thought I might check out
that place I read about in WINDSURFER magazine that has the factory on
this lake and keeps the waters warmish.  One problem, I can't find my
magazine on that one.

Does anyone know where this lake is, and how to get to it?

How's the sailing in the Newport, RI / New London, CT area right now?  Any
brave souls battling the cold?  Or is this a most ridiculous thought to
sail in 25-35 degree air?  What is the Ocean temperature on the Rhode
Island shore line?  Any sailers, sailing Block Island this time of year?

I have an Oasis Dry Suit, hood, and some seriously warm gloves.  I've
sailed in below freezing several times here in GA.  Ice on sail and all.

Please respond via email:

Thanks All, and Merry Christmas!

Joseph Stanley
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West Virgina / Connecticut sailing in Decmeber

Post by KM » Mon, 25 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Yes, I can vouch for this fellow ***. We have indeed sailed with the
rigs frozen and hands numb (boom? what boom?...). I told him he had better
go against conventional advice and take his gear up north! Respond if you
like (he's a nice guy) but I already told him about this lake in WV. It's
called Mount Storm Lake near the town of Mount Storm in the eastern
panhandle of WV. Power plant (clean) cooling water keeps it around 65
degrees in the winter. Supposed to have wind in the 30's mph due to
terrain funneling the wind. Further info in Windsurfing mag, July 1995 pg.
98. Happy Sailing!