Lots of action in Hatteras recently

Lots of action in Hatteras recently

Post by Bill Bel » Thu, 17 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Hello Everyone,

Its been really windy in Hatteras over the past week.  Check out the HISS
www.hiss-waves.com/diary99.htm for updates on the conditions from the guys
who sailed it.  Reports have been flowing in, and I have been updating the
page daily.  If you have not checked the site lately, check it now for the
latest report as of today.  Though short, its to the point and exactly what
I have received via e-mail.  Also some new photos up on the "Chick's Beach
in December" story by Glenn Woodell.
As it comes in via the "Reports" page, it goes up!
Keep it coming!

See ya,