FS: NP 4.5 combat '94 $90, North Spectro 6.0 '94 $90.

FS: NP 4.5 combat '94 $90, North Spectro 6.0 '94 $90.

Post by Jan Be » Thu, 24 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Sorry for commercial content, but the classifieds site is down..

Both sails are in decent shape:

The combat has a pinhole at the bottom of the vinyl window(from the
board).  It's been taped for a year w/o any problems.
Overall maybe in B+ shape.

The North Spectro had 3 panels replaced w. 7 mil monofilm, faster and
stronger than before :)   Also, a solid batten instead of the laminated
one.   Maybe a B overall rating..

$160 for both.
I am in NJ, but the UPS anywhere in US should be $10 extra +/-

Also, North top  - $50??