4Sale (MIDWEST): Beg./Int. Equipment

4Sale (MIDWEST): Beg./Int. Equipment

Post by eki » Fri, 21 Jun 1996 04:00:00


1990 Mistral New Malibu Sailboard
        10'8" long
        160 liters volume
        retractable daggerboard
        easily moveable mast track
        footpads & fin

6.2 m^2 sail (RAF, good for learning)
Adjustable aluminum booms with quick clamp head
Mistral blue epoxy mast
adjustable aluminum mast base with universal joint

$500 obo
$550 obo with a 5.2 m^2 sail, dual cambers, new main panel.

This setup would be nice for either a heavier sailor or somebody who
wants to ease into shortboarding.  Or someone who lives in the midwest
and is forced to sail many a marginal 6.5 day...

This board
is not as stable as a pure beginner board (less flotation) but will give
you much more latitude to advance your technique than a beginner board would:
i've used this board on superior and at nags head, nc with smaller sails.
it planes nicely and jibes very smoothly.  i learned to jibe on this board
as a matter of fact.  i have other sails that i would be willing to sell
seperately or with this board if you are interested.  also have an older
harness that is on its last leg that i could throw in with the deal.


(906) 482-2993 (leave a message if i'm not home)

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