2-day Windsurfing Camp/ Northwest

2-day Windsurfing Camp/ Northwest

Post by Chris Perr » Thu, 02 Apr 1992 12:32:00

        Hey Seattle,Salem,Eugene and Portland sailors:

        I'm trying to reach the intermediate sailors who are stuck
at the "learning to water-start, learning to jibe" phase of
their sailing. You wanna sail in the Gorge, but the mission
critical skills just aren't quite together. Well, I am trying
to put together a 2-day windsurfing camp at an intermediate
location. Here's the scoop:

        The ABK instructors will be in the area the weekend of
July 11-12.  If there is enuff interest they will teach a
2-day clinic at Odell Lake in the Cascades. This is an excellent
lake to learn your waterstarts and to have a first short-boarding
experience. Average windspeed is 20mph+ from noon - dusk. This
lake is driven by the same thermals that drive the Gorge wind
tunnel.  It's located approximately 70 miles SE of Eugene off
of 58.

        I expect the cost to be approx $100/sailor, equipment will be
provided, but you will be responsible for your own camping equipment
and meals.  The Demo Van with the latest Bic and F2 equipment
will be there.  The instructors will be Andy Brandt, Alf and Paul
Imperato and others if needed.  The idea is to have 1 instructor
for every 4-5 sailors.

        If you are interested please send me email, or contact me
at 690-1116.

Chris Perret

  My interest in this is getting a camp together with
quality instruction for several local sailors who
have gone beyond my teaching ability. They need some one
else to get 'em into short-boarding.