Long Island Sound Crossing Race/Event

Long Island Sound Crossing Race/Event

Post by Heather Desurvi » Sat, 10 Aug 1991 02:31:12

Posted for "Gone With The Wind" Windsurf Club
Norwalk, Ct.

On Sept. 14 100 windsurfers are expected to race
between Norwalk, Conn. and Northport, NY across the
Long Island Sound to raise monies for cleaning
up the sound.  Windsurfers from both sides will
simultaneously start at 11AM and criss cross each
other and come on the shore across for lunch.  

The distance across is about 9 miles, and there
will be sufficient chase boats to guide and assist
sailors across.  Each leg of the race is separately
timed, the sailor with the least combined time is
the winner.  Current record holders from last year
are Dean Oleksiak being the fastest crosser (80
minutes) and Bruce Caslowitz for the fastest one-way
(36 min)  All sailors made it across < 2 hours, but
timing this year will depend on wind conditions.

Prizes will be awarded fro winning racers and biggest
fund raiser.  

To Enter:  Contact Bruce or Karleen (203) 852-1857
                                or  (203) 855-5151
Time: 11:00 AM

Sail Spot: Long Island Sound                BIC Samba 10'6,Sails:5.7 Bic,6.0 NP
But am a transplanted Californian &.(       Carbon 40 Mast (!)
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