Landsailing, anyone?

Landsailing, anyone?

Post by William M Harr » Sat, 27 Oct 1990 10:21:07


>    I was just wondering -- has anyone out there heard anything about any
>kind of landsailers?  Sometimes there just doesn't seem to be enough water in
>Indiana, especially in Winter.

>    Scary thoughts.  But really, something like a skateboard with a sail
>could be fun, eh?                                            

Its called Skate-Sailing... I don't know of any production models, but many
windsurfers have built their own.  When the water gets to cold to windsurf      (that means when the water is frozen rock-solid) we go skatesailing on a
large asphalt parking lot (Bramlage Coliseum parking lot, Kansas State
University).  Its a great way to practice handling the sail when the weather
gets ***.  

My brother and I have built two of these.  We just carved two large skateboards
from a two-by twelve, mounted skateboard wheels to the bottom, and added a
standard mast base to the front.  

This is a ***-sport.  We achieve speeds well over 30 m.p.h. and last November
I crashed and broke my wrist.  I usually tell beginners not to sail faster than
they can run.  Asphalt is not as forgiving as water and ROAD-RASH is common.

It is smart to wear a helmet!!!

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