Fin Box Limits from Gorge Sport (Curtis Fins)

Fin Box Limits from Gorge Sport (Curtis Fins)

Post by Bill Kli » Tue, 18 Apr 2000 04:00:00

Fin depth limits we suggest:\

Tuttle - 60 to 70cm
Power- 55 cm
TM- 58-60 cm
Tiga- 60 to 70cm  No known Tiga  board would use deeper fins, though (please
advise if different)
ES/US 40cm
Meretex 40cm

Remember if water depth is shallow or unknown, use a shallower fin. A shallower
Tuttle box works fine. Just use longer screws and shim if using a deep box.

Heavier nationally ranked racers over 210 lbs or PBA sailors may benefit from
deeper bases. The finbox must be strong and well built. Deeper bases are
heavier as well.
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