"Free as can Bee!?" (was Bill Clinton "sends" A5!)

"Free as can Bee!?" (was Bill Clinton "sends" A5!)

Post by Tim Schneid » Thu, 02 Mar 1995 01:42:34

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"free as can bee?" (was Bill Clinton 'sends' A5!)

Throughout the years aid climbing has crept into the state
of Arkansas. The tallest cliff between the apalachians and the rockies
lies in arkansas(650ft.). There have only been a few routes done on
that big wall but there are mainy other areas that have seen
action. Just recently Ex Surgeon General Elders, Bill and Hillary made
a contribution with their first ascent of the "Jennifer Flowers
buttress VI(A5). The route has not seen a second ascent yet, due to
the pancake potetial on the first pitch where Elders "fingered, ***d
and hooked" through several dicey timebomb aid placements, 'moaning' all
the while to her belayer before reaching the***crack system.

There is also an access problem now, due to the large accumulation of
MacDonalds wrapers at the base of the route. Al***refused to join
them on their final sumit push because there was a rare lichen growing
on the headwall. Another interesting note is the citation Hillary
recieved for tossing a s**t bag at Newt (calling him a b**t**d). Across
the way Rush and Perot wre working on their new 5.14 possible 5.15
called  "f**k the middle class". Appenrenttly Rush has developed a
foot in mouth jamming technique for the first roof and Perot is
utilizing a sketchy ear jam to reach a key hold. Bob Dole is very
upset with the whole thing saying" I saw the route first and those
darn Clintons stole my line!"


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