Seeking info/opinions-DMM Predator Ice Tools

Seeking info/opinions-DMM Predator Ice Tools

Post by johnst.. » Thu, 09 Mar 1995 03:13:16

Hello All:

        As the subject line says, I am seeking information about DMM Predator
ice tools. Please advise if this question is more appropriate to another group.
I am posting for my brother who does not yet have net access, so please forgive

regularly read this group (just not enough time for everything.)

Questions about DMM Predator ice tools:
1) Any problems with durability of aluminum heads?
2) Uses other than waterfall ice? Can it be used on mixed terrain? Plunging,
setting belays, etc.?
3) What about field maintenance? Do picks break often? How difficult to change
in bad conditions?
4) Any other problems?
5) Overall opinions?

Again, please reply directly to me so I can get the information to my brother
asap. Thanks in advance for any and all information you may be able to provide.